Bois Talks Interconnects, 5G and Musical Inspiration

Karl Bois, a systems architect at Switzerland-headquartered interconnect supplier TE Connectivity, spoke to IoTWT’s parent Informa Tech at DesignCon 2021.

Speaking to Informa Tech’s Chuck Martin, Bois predicted strengthened edge interconnects were inevitable to support 5G.

Bois said:  “Something has to aggregate all that content. So the 5G content may have exploded, but that content must then be corralled.”

He referred to the current state of play, which poses more challenges in terms of designing each interconnect’s electrical and mechanical functions.

In physics terms, it might help to think of TE Connectivity’s interconnects as shuffle boards for electrons to transfer from one component of a system to another.

In the below video, Bois also explains what makes his part of the ecosystem so special, based on over 21 years in the interconnect industry.

See below for the full interview.