Editorial Submissions

Editorial Submissions

IoT World Today welcomes article submissions and will consider them for publication as editorial content if the article:

  • is relevant to the Internet of Things, ideally addressing a specific idea, challenge or use case related to IoT. Examples include: smart homes/buildings/cities, Connected Vehicles, smart retail, connected health care or robotics;
  • is exclusive to IoT World Today;
  • does not market a company’s products or services.

If we do accept the content for publication, we typically edit for style, clarity, grammar and length (up to 500 is ideal); send it back to you for review if substantial edits are made; and then, once finalized, apply search engine optimization best practices. We expect that you will fact-check your submission before sending it to us for review. Unfortunately, we can’t pay for unsolicited contributions. Please indicate the author of the piece and provide a biography and headshot, if available.

Please send submissions to Editor Liz Hughes.

If you are interested in contributing content as a paying sponsor that may market your company or its products/services, please contact Account Director Simone Knaap. Such content will be labeled “Sponsor Content” upon publication.