About Us

IoT World Today (formerly called The IoT Institute) connects IoT decision-makers and implementers, including those in the C-suite, IT and line-of-business managers. We inspire them by providing the latest news and analysis, and case studies about technologies used in the Internet of Things, such as infrastructure, security, analytics and development tools. We capture the stories of IoT leaders imbuing intelligence across vertical industries such as industrial, transportation and logistics, smart energy and utilities, smart cities, and more.
IoT World Today also conducts original research to provide unique insight into the state of IoT implementation as well as challenges and opportunities for key players.
We are the companion website and exclusive content outlet for the IoT World trade show and conference series — the world’s largest IoT events — and feature advice and best practices from the subject matter experts who drive those events.
About the site’s name change: Our parent company, Informa, focuses on connecting with audiences year round by providing both events, which for the most part take place in specific places on specific days, and companion websites, which provide coverage on a daily basis and which are available from any web browser on any day of the year. Up until recently, our IoT World event series and our IoT Institute website have been closely affiliated, but presented to the IoT market as separate brands because of how each has evolved over the past three to five years. In order to accurately reflect the tight alignment between the event series and the website, we’ve changed the website’s name to IoT World Today. You may not notice evidence of this collaboration between staff members of the event series and the website, but it permeates much of what we do on the back end, from our choices of topics to cover, to the experts we rely on to inform us and you of developments in the IoT space, to the common goal we have of educating stakeholders and practitioners involved in IoT. 
We hope you find value here and continue to come back to the website and attend our events on a frequent basis!