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Oxbotica;s driverless car

Europe’s First Driverless Car Test Completed

U.K. company Oxbotica has successfully completed Europe’s first trial of a fully autonomous vehicle with no occupants on public roads. The test took place in Oxbotica’s home city of Oxford...

IoT Product Roundup

IoT Product Roundup: PTC, Nokia, Arm and More know about. Nokia Announces Two New SaaS Products Nokia has unveiled two new SaaS products, which harness AI to help optimize home device management and reduce energy consumption. Through...

Laundry robots

Robotic Laundry: A New System to Automate your Washing 

...home appliance group Electrolux are behind the new domestic tech solution, which has been designed to load and unload laundry, and features a “point cloud-based perception algorithm” that reportedly detects...

Image shows a woman In Kitchen Asking Digital Assistant Question

Voice Agents Now Starting the Conversation

...time at home causing a spike in use and a modified need. Rather than simply a transactional device, Alexa has become a more heavily relied-upon smart home helper to both...

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