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Electric Grid Stability Assailed by Growing Challenges

...connection to the power grid can provide new avenues for cyberattack. Complicating matters further is the fact that microgrids are typically not owned and operated by traditional grid operators. Find...

Addressing IoT Security Challenges From the Cloud to the Edge 

...awareness has increased, businesses with an ineffective cybersecurity posture face mounting risks. Cyberattacks themselves have become more damaging, and regulatory pressures related to security and privacy have escalated. The Internet...

Election security

Election Security Remains a Pressing Concern and other sectors deemed vital for society’s well-being. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure can cause “population panic” and can seem like “the stuff of disaster films,” as a McKinsey report...

ICS security

An ICS Security Checklist

In traditional cybersecurity, a breach can expose, corrupt or even hold enterprise data systems captive. While a traditional data breach can cost money and debilitate enterprise IT systems, a cyberattack...

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Study: Smart City Projects Need to Be Data-Driven 

...surveyed reported feeling inadequately prepared for a potential cyberattack. For municipalities to launch successful smart city projects also often involves grappling with the inertia legacy equipment and city employee habits...


Health Care Cybersecurity Hits Tipping Point

...terrorist organization could combine a cyberattack on health care infrastructure with a separate physical attack. In such an event, treatment of casualties from, say, a car bombing could be disrupted...

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