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Worker in the offshore industry

Ericsson is Bringing IoT to Offshore Industries

Ericsson is bringing IoT connectivity to the often hard-to-access areas of the offshore industry, in a new partnership with Norwegian offshore communications group Tampnet that will connect workers in some...

Image shows a field biologist working high in the Andes, gathering environmental data on Peruvian wildlife and glaciers.

Environmental Monitoring Industry Gets Connectivity Boost

A new partnership between remote water monitoring group In-Situ and cellular communications company EMnify is bringing remote data collection capabilities to the environmental monitoring industry. The partners are combining their...

Image shows a middle sized rigs semi trucks standing in row in warehouse dock for loading cargo

IoT Connectivity is Reshaping Transportation and Logistics

...the transport and logistics industry is seeing mounting pressure from environmental concerns, customer expectations and a competitive landscape, with the report also highlighting what it terms the “Amazon Effect”, in...

Image shows an agritech environment. communication network.

IoT Connectivity Brings Smart Farming to Brazil

Telit has joined forces with Brazilian non-profit ConectarAGRO to develop smart farming solutions in Brazil’s agricultural industry. Currently, connectivity remains one of the greatest challenges facing Brazilian farmers today. Estimates...

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